That is probably me to a ''T''
Published on September 11, 2003 By mrtee In Misc
I am not a skinner, but I like and use skins. I've looked at the code for different skins in SkinStudio, it does look intimidating. Maybe one of these days when I have nothing to do...........

This experience began for me in the early 80's with a TI 99-4A, which of course I added to with a dot matrix printer, 5 ΒΌ floppies, the "usual" stuff. Got fed up with how long it took to print things back in '98 and boguht a used Compaq that was built in '95. It came with nothing installed so the 1st thing was to installl Windows 98SE. Of course I started to upgrade it after 2 days - fater CPU, more RAM, another HDD. I really had no idea what I was doing, I couldn't RTFM because there wasn't one with the Compaq. Took me a week to find out that the BIOS limited the volume size to just over 2 GB.

After about 4 months there was nothing else I could add to the the machine so I built one. To me a better term would be "assembled" a machine after all everything is plug and play. There was nothing to cut, fit, paste, file, paint, etc. and it worked.

At this moment I'm on my 4th machine. The others, with constant changes, have passed on to my daughter and granddaughter, all on my LAN. Heck, I have parts, drives, screws, cases, old programs, and assorted cables just taking up space.

I've taken no classes on coputers, just learned by trial and reinstallations what I can and cann't do. I think that I have taught myself well for a guy with no college education who works as a "housekeeper" in a hospital. Usually I end up doing forms, signs, spreedsheets and other things for our department because the "leads" cann't figure out how to use the office programs effectively.

Yes, I guess that I am an average user - depending on your definition of "average".
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